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Cómo convertirse en asistente personal

Doris Benitez
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A personal assistant is the person who assists in performing personal daily tasks or within an organization. It is a recognized figure that assumes more and more functions over time. It is a profession of the future that will need to fill work gaps for both managers and people who have ample responsibility.

What do personal assistants do?

Among the different functions of a personal assistant, we must distinguish between personal assistants who work within organizations and individuals who can also take care of household or household tasks.

Within companies, the personal assistant provides administrative or other support to senior staff, usually to a manager or director. Its main objective is to help reduce the manager’s workload in order for the business to run efficiently. We must think that people with a high degree of responsibility have an accumulation of tasks, and in addition to a secretary or secretary, they can also count on the figure of the personal assistant who will solve the problems they cannot assume.

The assistant can be hired by the company directly or by the employer who decides to have an independent personal assistant (full-time or part-time). Among its functions are to take the agenda, call attention, mail and orders, take care of correspondence and paperwork, organize and accompany you on business trips and help in the organization of various projects.

When we refer to personal assistants of a personal or domestic nature then we refer to the personnel that can help in everything related to the personal life of the person hiring. They can take care of home organization and daily activities.

What qualities should personal assistants have?

They are very organized people, with a certain culture, languages ​​and university degrees. They must have a high sense of vocation to serve others. They are responsible people, with memory and very methodical, as well as agile and quick to respond to the person who has hired him to assist him.

While we must bear in mind that the role and responsibilities of a personal assistant, as well as their qualities may vary according to the specific needs of the client or employer.

What qualifications do they have?

They are varied, because they can be administrative staff with a lot of experience in this area or professionals with degrees in languages, business, business administration , human resources, etc. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!