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Cómo convertirse en ayudante de cocina

Doris Benitez
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The chef, the cook and the people who work in the kitchen need a very important figure such as the kitchen assistant . A professional who will acquire the necessary knowledge to become a great cook or head chef in the future. In fact the great and renowned chefs from all over the world first went through being a dishwasher, one of the functions of the kitchen assistant, before knowing the fame.

Without their help, many of the chefs’ functions would not be possible, making it one of the fastest growing professions in the hospitality industry, in part, thanks to the gastronomy boom in our country.

What do kitchen helpers do?

The functions of a kitchen assistant are usually different, depending on the space in question and the type of establishment. They always work under the supervision of chefs or cooks, their basic tasks being:

  • Help the cook in everything he asks.
  • Clean and cut food.
  • Mix ingredients.
  • Mince meat and other food intended for cooking.
  • Wash dishes, utensils and keep the kitchen in good general condition.
  • Help in tasks related to the conservation of raw materials.
  • Prepare recipes and do the plating.
  • Food inventory.
  • Punctual support to the food service.

The kitchen assistant can work in different establishments, increasingly numerous: bar, gastrobar, restaurant, hotel, school kitchens, catering company, in specific events, nursing homes, senior schools, sports centers, spa, cruises …

What qualities should kitchen helpers have?

The skills that kitchen and dishwasher assistants must have are knowledge of food handling, with proper hygiene and health in the kitchen. Interest in the kitchen in general, service and customer service, knowing how to work in teams, desire to aspire professionally, motivation, good hygiene, organized and fast person and with enough flexibility to perform different tasks depending on the time, establishment and size of these .

What qualification do they have?

They can be qualified in kitchen and gastronomy technicians, graduates in tourism and hospitality with a master’s degree in cooking, without qualification but with experience and have specific courses in food handling or professional cooking courses.

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