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Cómo convertirse en barista

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 3 min

Tomar un café es una de las cosas más placenteras para muchas personas. Es un momento de relax, en el que se disfruta de su exquisito sabor. Muchos desconocen que existe un profesional cuya labor principal es sacar el máximo partido a algo que en principio es tan sencillo como una taza de café, nos referimos al barista.

¿Qué hacen los baristas?

Barista es un términos de origen italiano que se utiliza para definir a la persona que está especializada en el café de alta calidad. Su labor es crear nuevas bebidas utilizando diferentes clases de leche, esencias y licores.

In addition, it is who is responsible for presenting this drink and in many cases uses the art of latte. The art of coffee is the technique used to create different drawings on the surface of espresso coffee. It can be done by regulating the flow of milk or using etching, templates, powders and milk foam.

In addition to coffee, milk is essential to achieve the best result. It is necessary to work this product carefully. It should be heated with the steam engine and should not boil, as it will change its flavor.

Of all the functions of barista , the most important is to ensure that the client enjoys the coffee he has prepared to the fullest.

What qualities should a barista have?

How should professional baristas be? These are some points that you must fulfill:

  • They are meticulous and organized people.
  • Patients, which allows them to wait until they achieve the objective they pursue.
  • They have a high sense of aesthetics.
  • In most cases they are passionate about their work.
  • A barista should never be in a hurry. You need time to do all the tests that are necessary to get the best coffee. He knows that it is not always possible at first, so he is prepared to try again and again.
  • You must treat the product delicately and enjoy each step you take, until you get to create the result you are looking for.

What qualification do they have?

Surely at this point you wonder how to be a barista. The truth is that this profession is reached by two paths. There are some professionals who, thanks to experience, learn this trade, by themselves or from other colleagues.

But we also find barista training, there are courses that give theoretical and practical knowledge. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!