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Cómo convertirse en carpintero

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

The carpenter’s profession is one of the traditional professions in which in some cases elements are still being built with their hands and it is one of the most popular professions in the construction sector . It is also a profession that is still very necessary and has managed to survive the automation and technological evolution that is replacing the workforce in other sectors. A carpentry professional is dedicated to building wooden structures for different uses.

What does a carpenter do?

There are many different types of carpenter, some work in a workshop creating doors, window frames and roof beams. Others, the work, work directly in the place where you have to install the structures as door handles and locks. They also assemble or repair wooden structures, such as broken furniture. Some of the tasks they perform are:

  • Build windows, doors, stairs.
  • Build custom furniture made with wood.
  • Cut and shape wooden structures or their derivatives.
  • Assemble, varnish and lacquer.
  • They handle hand and power tools.
  • Make plans and make calculations.
  • Materials selection.
  • Polish wood or derived materials.

What qualities should it have?

To engage in carpentry it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the different types of wood and the materials that are worked. One of the necessary qualities is to have skill with manual work, be creative and imaginative, be careful, meticulous and pay attention to detail. In addition, it is necessary to master a series of both manual and electrical tools, be skilled in representing the dimensions and figures, have spatial orientation as well as numerical aptitude.

What degree do you have?

To dedicate yourself to carpentry it is not mandatory to have a degree but you usually start as an apprentice to acquire the necessary experience to develop as a professional in this sector. Even so, there is a medium-grade cycle of carpentry and furniture technician who prepares professionals to dedicate themselves to this profession.

In addition to this cycle there are other complementary training that can be useful for this type of professionals such as material treatment courses, computer science, commercial and administrative techniques. In any case, experience is important to develop creative projects and even open your own business.

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