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Cómo convertirse en chofer

Doris Benitez
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In the modern society in which we live transport is essential to connect cities and countries, and allow the rapid transfer of people from one place to another. Despite the modernization and automation of cars and public transport, the figure of the driver is still necessary for the transfer of passengers.

What does a driver do?

The main function of a driver is to drive a motor vehicle hired to transport people, goods or animals. A driver can be in charge of different types of transport such as a coach, a car, a limousine, a van, etc. Some of the functions of this profession vary depending on the service they offer and are such as:

  • Driving on urban and interurban routes.
  • Transfer passengers from the airport to your hotel and vice versa.
  • Drive a tourist bus following a route through the city.
  • Keep the vehicle clean and in good condition.
  • Perform the necessary technical reviews of the means of transport.
  • Transport by coach to school groups.
  • Accompany a soccer team or a musical band on their tour.
  • Respect road safety regulations.
  • Offer personal chauffeur services to a public office or person with high purchasing power.

A driver can drive his own vehicle and offer the services as a freelancer or he can be hired by a transport company to drive different types of cars depending on the needs.

What qualities should it have?

People who carry out this profession must have a good knowledge of the vehicle they drive and know how to handle the steering mechanisms correctly. It is important that they are prudent, patient and pleasant people. A driver must stay focused at the wheel and be aware of the responsibility he has when moving people from one place to another. They must have the ability to react to an accident and good orientation. In working with tourists, mastery of foreign languages ​​can be a plus to be able to communicate better with passengers.

What qualification is needed?

To become a driver , no specific study or professional training is required, but it is essential to have a valid driver’s license in the country where you work. In the event that the vehicle is its own, it must have the necessary license as public or collective transport, as well as having the legal documents of the vehicle and insurance in order.

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