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Cómo convertirse en electricista

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 3 min

One of the professions that has more outlets is that of an electrician. It is a fundamental work every time a work or a reform is done . In addition, it has its services to do all kinds of facilities or to repair breakdowns. Many companies have maintenance personnel and this professional is usually part of it.

What do electricians do?

The functions of electrician are very broad. For example, they are dedicated to installing and maintaining electrical services. They also fix all kinds of failures that affect supply or facilities

As we said, almost any company needs the services of these professionals at some time and some have them on staff, to take care of maintenance.

Many times they must be able to read drawings and technical drawings, which are reflected in the facilities they must do. In some cases, if they are not very complicated installations, they design the work themselves.

New installations do not require previous work. When they have to replace old wiring they will first have to remove old equipment.

What qualities should they have?

A professional electrician must have a series of qualities and skills to develop his job in the best way. These are the main ones:

  • Fitness The work of an electrician is basically physical, so it must be in good shape.
  • These professionals handle a large amount of material, order is essential to avoid wasting time.
  • In a manual job like this, the skill is basic.
  • Resolution . It is usual that when a work is being done, different unforeseen events arise, which the electrician will have to resolve decisively.
  • Leadership. You might have to captain a team, at that time you will have to know how to do it.
  • Teamwork. On other occasions you will have to work with different professionals, from your sector and from others, you must be willing to collaborate.
  • Concentration. A bad electrical installation can lead to many long-term problems, so that it does not happen, it is vital to be a person with a great power of concentration.

What qualification does an electrician have?

When it comes to directing your future job, some people wonder how to be an electrician. The truth is that there are very trained professionals, with their official studies and there are others who have learned the trade through experience. Although it is undeniable that the former are more likely to find a better job.

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