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Cómo convertirse en entrenador personal

Doris Benitez
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Being a personal trainer is one of the professions with the greatest future prospects as more and more people are betting on taking care of their body. A personal trainer evaluates the needs and abilities of each client in order to provide 100% personalized advice and attention; prescribes physical exercises and sets goals individually, taking into account the needs and physical conditions of each person.

What do personal trainers do?

The tasks that personal trainers perform are detailed below.

  • Help define personal goals.
  • Design the most appropriate exercises for each client, taking into account a large selection of factors: the defined objectives, the physical condition …
  • Avoid any risk of injury when performing the exercises, as they indicate the correct way to perform them.
  • Motivate customers due to the personal and close treatment they maintain with them.
  • Avoid the monotony of the vast majority of standard routines. They propose varied and fun exercises, thus making the process of getting more entertaining.
  • Help in self improvement and discipline.
  • They save time since there is no need to travel to a gym; It is the coach himself who can move to the place indicated by the client.

What qualities should personal trainers have?

The competences that these types of professionals must have are the following. On the one hand, they should know how to listen to their customers. It is important to emphasize that their work is not limited only to propose physical exercises, but that they must know how to listen, understand the needs and motivate the clients.

On the other hand, personal trainers must have the ability to make customers feel comfortable; Only with confidence in the coach, they manage to progress properly.

And finally, they must be flexible and have a great capacity for adaptation and change; If for example a training plan does not work as well as it should, be able to modify it.

What qualification do they have?

In Spain there are two official and regulated sports degrees: Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, and Higher Training Cycle of Sports Technician. Subsequently it is good to take masters and courses to keep updated. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!