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Cómo convertirse en jefe de cocina

Doris Benitez
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The success of a restaurant depends on many factors, the quality of the food, the location, the fame of its chef … But also the good job of the chef. It is not an easy job, since its tasks are very broad and it is one of the positions with more responsibility for this type of companies.

What do chefs do?

There are many functions of a chef, then we will review the main ones:

  • Organization of the kitchen. He takes care of the entire kitchen organization, distributes the work, distributes the shifts, supervises the work while the service is given and responds to the kitchen performance manager.
  • Take care of the kitchen. Another of its responsibilities is to ensure that the facilities are in perfect condition and that all staff make good use of them.
  • Personal . The head chef is usually responsible for hiring staff, although the last word is usually the manager.
  • Staff training Once you have your team, you should ensure that it is constantly formed.
  • The chef is responsible for controlling the stock and placing orders. In many cases, it also negotiates the conditions of purchase.
  • Cleaning . Cleaning in a restaurant is vital. The head chef is responsible for everything is impeccable and that all regulations regarding this issue are complied with.

What qualities should the chefs have?

When someone seeks to hire head chef staff, they ask what qualities they should have, these are some of them:

  • Ability to lead teams.
  • High level of attention and organization.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Responsibility to solve the problems that may arise.
  • High work capacity, to assume long hours and the pressure that the position entails.

What qualification does a chef have?

At this point you may be wondering how to be head chef, the truth is that many of these professionals have reached the position they now occupy thanks to the experience they have acquired in different restaurants.

However, there is specific training to train professional chefs , which allows them to be better prepared to face their work. There is both regulated and unregulated training, and for those who wish to develop their future work in this field is highly recommended.

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