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Cómo convertirse en niñera

Doris Benitez
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Many parents would like to spend more time with their children, but work and other responsibilities make it difficult to reconcile family and professional life. Once the children leave school, in summer and the rest of the non-school days, parents have to juggle so that their children are well cared for, until they can do it. One option is to hire a babysitter.

What do babysitters do?

The babysitter functions are basically to take care of one or more children, and to fulfill all those assignments made by their parents. Sometimes they will have to help the children to do their homework, they may have to take them to extracurricular classes or to the park.

It is true that in some jobs these people have to take care of cleaning the house, the iron or cooking for the rest of the family. Although each agreement is unique, it is undeniable that the work just mentioned is not part of the work of a child caregiver .

The babysitters have to comply strictly with the indications of the parents. Above all, they should pay close attention to what children may or may not do, meal and rest schedules, and food.

When we talk about food we do not only mean that they eat what the parents decide, but also that they are careful with possible allergies of the child.

What qualities does a child caregiver have?

Professional nannies must have a series of qualities that make them suitable for a position of such importance as they will perform. These are some:

  • You must be an affectionate person, with whom children feel comfortable.
  • Education is essential, to set a good example for minors.
  • Love for children, to make work easier.
  • Have notions of the subjects that children study in order to help them with their homework.
  • You must be patient, orderly and organized.

What qualification do they have?

Those who wish to practice as child caregivers may wonder how to be a babysitter. The truth is that most of the time to perform this job does not require specific training, since it is usually valued more to have experience and especially with good references. Of course, if there is training related to children, it will be an extra.

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