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Cómo convertirse en nutricionista

Doris Benitez
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A nutritionist or dietitian nutritionist is a professional specialized in the field of health , specifically in everything related to food and its impact on both physical and mental health of people. These types of professionals are responsible for designing food diets for those individuals who are interested in carrying out a healthy eating plan.

What do nutritionists do?

Next, some of the functions performed by nutritionists are established.

Create individualized diets for the specific needs of each patient, taking into account their needs and their state of health. The main objective is to provide them with the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and, thus, have a good quality of life.

Advise catering companies that work for example for companies or schools, to provide balanced menus to their customers.

Lately they also perform nutritional coach functions, so that they advise not only on diets but also on the lifestyle that customers must lead.

What qualities should nutritionists have?

Nutritionists must have a great vocation for the field of food and health. It is a profession that requires continuous renewal to offer the best quality of service to patients.

One of the most valued competencies of nutritionists is empathy and communication with the aim of providing personal treatment to patients. Beyond establishing a meal plan for them, nutritionists should be able to listen and understand them in order to adapt the meal plan to them as much as possible.

Nutritionists must also have a great capacity for adaptation and flexibility. If a certain eating plan does not work as it should, they should be able to modify those aspects that are necessary.

What qualification do they have?

Nutritionists are highly qualified professionals. Thus, in Spain the only way available for this profession is to study the university degree “University Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics”. This is a profession that requires constant renewal, so, in addition to the university degree, nutritionists must take courses on different areas of food. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!