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Cómo empezar una carrera profesional en una peluquería

Doris Benitez
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The hairdresser is a profession with ample job opportunities in Spain and represents a growing sector. The increase in sales in beauty services has led to the growth in the demand for professionals in the provincial capitals as well as in the smaller cities.

A hairdresser or hairdresser can work for a chain of salons, a private hairdresser, a barber shop, set up their own salon or offer home services.

What do hairdressing professionals do?

The main task of a hairdresser is the care of their clients’ hair but the functions vary according to the specialty and the salon or beauty center. The most common tasks of the profession are:

  • Wash and cut hair.
  • Dye the hair.
  • Apply hair treatments.
  • Dry and comb.
  • Make the permanent.
  • Put extensions

Hairdressers working in barber shops also take care of the mustache, beard and shave cut. In beauty salons they often perform other tasks such as eyebrow hair removal, manicure or makeup.

What qualities should professionals in hairdressing have?

A professional in hairdressing should be skilled with scissors, know how to treat each type of hair, know how to dye it and wash it in depth. A hairdresser has the responsibility of attending to the requests of his clients, as well as sufficient criteria to be able to advise them about his change of look. You should pay attention to detail, listen to your customers, learn about the products you work with and handle the dryer and other utensils.

In the case of organizing, they must also have good manager qualities and know how to carry equipment, in addition to great customer service.

What qualification do they have?

They usually have professional training in hairdressing and aesthetics. There are basic, intermediate and higher professional training courses so whatever the level of education everyone has the possibility of accessing a course to train in this profession. The most basic training allows working as a hairdressing assistant and the superior teaches professionals to set up their own salon. There are also private hairdressing academy formations.

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