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Cómo convertirse en recepcionista

Doris Benitez
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For many the first impression is the most important and in part it is true, especially a bad first impression is complicated to overcome. Therefore, all companies strive so that customers have a positive first contact with them. One of the keys to achieve this is, without a doubt, the work of the person in charge of the reception. In many cases, part of the company’s success depends on your professionalism.

What functions do receptionists have?

The functions of receptionists are varied and adjust to the needs of the company. But in most cases they go beyond receiving visitors and answering the telephone, a work that is already of considerable importance.

These may be some of your responsibilities:

  • Control the switchboard.
  • Organize meeting rooms
  • Prepare the invoices
  • Charge certain services at the reception desk.
  • Keep part of the accounting
  • Prepare some documents.
  • Organize the archive and the store.
  • Manage the correspondence, both its sending and its reception.
  • Organize the agenda of certain professionals, giving appointments.
  • Prepare trips.

In the case of hotel receptionists, they also take care of these functions:

  • Perform check-in and check-out of customers.
  • Check the entrance and exit of the hotel.
  • Inform customers of the hotel services and tourist points of interest in the area.
  • Take care of certain administrative tasks.
  • Process customer complaints and possible claims.

What qualities should a receptionist have?

We show you what qualities a good receptionist should have:

  • Have good presence.
  • Be polite and kind.
  • You must be a methodical and organized person.
  • Have great skills for communication, both personal and telephone.
  • Fortitude to withstand stressful situations.

What qualification do receptionists have?

Professional receptionists do not always have specific training, although it would be desirable for them to have studies related to the work they will perform. There are different specific courses for receptionists, but there are other related studies that can properly train the professional.

For example, some professionals have studied administration, accounting or secretarial studies. Knowing other languages ​​is essential to be a good receptionist and, in some positions, the person will be required to be able to understand and express themselves in other languages, in addition to their own.

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