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Cómo empezar una carrera profesional como secretaria

Doris Benitez
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The secretarial work usually covers various professional tasks within a company. It depends, in large part, on the size of the organization and the different departments it can cover.

They usually do from administrative tasks to support managers through other responsibilities such as billing and agenda organization.

What do professional secretaries do?

As we have specified it will depend on the position, as there are administrative secretaries but also secretaries of management who then carry out an exhaustive control of the actions and agenda of the directive or manager, being their right hand at all times.

While we find a staff secretary who supports all hiring and selection tasks; and editorial secretary who in addition to being part of an editorial also provides administrative support.

Among its functions we highlight:

  • Control and management of agendas.
  • Sending emails.
  • Recruitment tasks.
  • Billing and administrative tasks.
  • Help and support to the manager.
  • Commercial proposals
  • Tasks of control and maintenance of stock.
  • Receiving orders.
  • Call Control
  • Company database management.
  • Head of Department

What qualities do the secretaries have?

When performing a large number of tasks, one of its most important weapons is flexibility and multitasking. A good secretary must organize, control and receive orders without any problem, in addition to having a great job of management and organization. In turn, the secretaries must have empathy, be discreet, patient and with great service management.

What qualifications do the secretaries have?

The secretaries are increasingly well prepared. We can count the figure of an administrative , titled in personal administrative training, but with years of experience in this type of actions. On the other hand, they may also have university studies of various branches, be it administration , economic, business, human resources and others.

They must also have specific courses and master several languages, increasingly demanded, in addition to computer and accounting software to respond to the diverse needs of the company. In short, what is clear is that they must be very flexible and organized people when performing a large number of tasks.

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