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Cómo convertirse en teleoperador/a

Doris Benitez
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Telemarketers are people who work for one or more companies and receive or make calls to clients or potential clients. Your job is enjoyable when you spend your workday (or half a day) calling companies or individuals to offer a service, an offer, an improvement or a product.

On the other hand, there are telemarketers who receive calls and are responsible for solving the incidents that may have potential customers. It is a job that many companies use to maintain their services, get more customers or perform loyalty work. Although they can be hired directly by the company, a large part of telemarketers work for a subcontracted company specializing in these telephone support services.

What do telemarketers do?

Its functions are also varied although its essential objective is to answer or make calls. But it all depends on the position they occupy in the company. Its main functions are:

  • Make calls.
  • Receive incident calls.
  • Resolve incidents.
  • Make direct sales.
  • Billing
  • Organize agendas
  • Write down call control.
  • Manage incoming and outgoing calls on the computer.
  • Give a final result of the number of sales or satisfied customers.
  • Perform statistics
  • Control a number of telemarketers in case of becoming head of group or department.

What qualities should it have?

Telemarketers must be very patient and decisive people. They must also give accurate, clear and viable information through the telephone. Telemarketers must like sales, have a commercial nose, redirect situations and know how to respond to customer requirements right away. In many cases office knowledge is also required to be able to manage incoming or outgoing calls through the computer and to track them.

Some telemarketers usually have several languages ​​and this leads them to be able to work more and increase their salary by being a plus for many companies looking for people with a variety of languages.

What qualification do they have?

Many telemarketers do not have a degree because they are looking to be really effective in the deal through the telephone. But many others can have from related degrees to administration , sales and commercial and marketing , to higher studies such as advertising, finance, languages ​​and business administration. Those with more qualifications aspire to hold positions of more responsibility within the same company or to serve foreign companies that have offices or subsidiaries here.

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