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Cómo convertirse en vigilante de seguridad

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

If there is something that concerns most people, it is the security of themselves, their families and their belongings. To ensure that everything is safe, they take different precautions, one of them may be to hire a security guard. This is a professional who has a great responsibility for which he must be prepared and also have a special character.

What functions does a security guard have?

The main functions of a security guard are related to maintaining order and ensuring the security of the places they control.

Their work can be performed in countless places, public establishments, offices, warehouses, private urbanizations … One of its most important functions is to maintain order at all times, but especially in cases where there is a situation of tension.

Even if some type of crime were to occur, they would be responsible for intervening until law enforcement is introduced. Subsequently, they would also have to be the ones to maintain contact with the police.

Another work they do is to control the entrances and exits of the place they are watching. In some cases they limit themselves to visual control, while in others they must request that the person entering or leaving be identified.

If the premises have the right of admission, they will regulate who can enter or not, depending on whether they comply with their regulations.

What qualities do security guards have?

Professional security guards must have a series of qualities and characteristics that allow them to fulfill their duties in the best possible way. We review some of them below:

  • Know how to work in a team.
  • Have command ability.
  • Know how to act firmly.
  • Have a good deal with the public.
  • Have an image that gives confidence.
  • Know how to keep calm in the circumstances of tension.
  • Have hourly availability, since vigilantes usually work shifts and on weekends.
  • It must be an organized person.
  • Have a great sense of responsibility.

What qualification is necessary?

At this point many will ask how to be a security guard, say that there is training to perform this important work and that it is essential to have a degree that certifies the knowledge acquired.

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