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Cómo encontrar trabajo en el sector servicios

Doris Benitez
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The service sector is one of the types of work that more jobs  jobs generated in Spain. And the hiring of employees is something that companies take very seriously: the vision that customers have about a business is based on the contracted staff, and they are the ones that will relate directly to the user.

Why look for work in the services sector?

If you are starting to look for work and do not know where to start, it may be a good idea to focus on customer service , commercial or hospitality, because they are jobs that have different types of positions and for all ranges of experience.

Although many require that you have previously worked in a similar position (especially in positions of responsibility), many other companies allocate the first days of work to the training of their workers, so if you have not dedicated yourself before to the service sector starting you would not be a trouble.

What profile is sought to work for the public?

It’s something you probably already know: working directly with the client requires certain skills:

  1. Communicative skills

We do not mean “speak well” (because we all know how to do it), if not to communicate without hesitation, always with kindness, without being blank and being effective in solving doubts. Can you imagine someone in customer service who goes blank or goes around the bush and doesn’t tell you if they can fix your problem? Fatal!

  1. Empathy

Many times the client may find himself in a bad situation, and as a professional, you should try to solve it. But above all you must take into account the human factor and make it always feel understood .

  1. Business skills

It is the step beyond communicating : knowing the product you offer and demonstrating that you are an expert in it. If you know him and trust his properties, adding the fact of being a good communicator, you can make sales effectively. It is an essential skill in commercial positions.

  1. Languages

If you have previously worked for the public, you will know: languages ​​are always a plus to your work profile, because you can serve a wider range of clients.

And finally, the icing on the cake: a smile . It may seem very typical, but deep down we all always seek to be treated with a smile and a good mood. Who hasn’t left a restaurant happy thinking “what a nice waiter!”

In addition, did you know that there is the concept ‘ phone smile ? Although your job is to contact customers by phone, the gestures we make when smiling modify the tone of our voice, and this is perceived by the person who listens to us.

(And even by email, a “:)”, depending on the situation, is always a good touch.) Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!