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Consejos para acabar con el Síndrome Postvacacional

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 3 min

Summer is over and with it comes the same drama of every year, the end of the holidays. Back to the schedules, back to work, routine and inevitably back to moodiness, tiredness and the desire to arrive again those days for which there is a hard year of work ahead. If you are sad, angry, tired or wanting to cry, do not worry, you have nothing serious, yours is Postvacational Syndrome.

How do I know if I have Postvacational Syndrome?

Postvacational Syndrome is nothing other than the lack of a period of transition or adaptation from leisure time to active life, and it is very hard to move from being on the beach to putting on your suit and sitting in front of the computer. To make this hard trance easier, we show you some tricks that can go very well if at this point you still dream of the smell of the sea:

  1. Think positive. It is the first step to overcome Postvacational Syndrome, think of all the good things that this new course will bring you and remember the good times as a motivation to continue with your day to day.
  2. Do not think the previous days. It’s no use martyring yourself thinking about the days you have left to return or thinking about everything that awaits you when you return. Live the moment and enjoy those last days that you will miss them later.
  3. You had a vacation, don’t complain. For a moment and think about how lucky you are to have been able to go on vacation, surely there will be many people who have not been able to enjoy a few days off.
  4. Do not hurry on your return. It is normal that you need an adaptation process, do not load yourself with work the first few days, it is proven that you will need at least a week to catch up again, so, slowly and well.
  5. Find incentives. As if it were the New Year’s resolutions, think about what you would like to do to change the routine and do it. Swimming, taking a course, learning a language … If it is something that really motivates you, it will help you come back with more desire.
  6. Habits of sleep. Try to recover your sleep habits before you get to work. If you get to sleep 8 hours before entering the routine, you will be more rested and prepared for what lies ahead.
  7. Organize fun outings and plans. Returning to work does not mean having to stop going for a walk, go on terraces or get away for a break. Prepare funny afterwork or weekend plans and you will see how the routine is much more bearable.

In short, assume the return , you have rejoined and there is no going back, think about the luck you have of having a job that allows you to go on vacation. Think about how well you have spent these days off and start thinking about your next destination, before you know it, you will be packing again! Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!