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¿Qué virtud deberías destacar cuando buscas empleo?

Doris Benitez
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Have you heard the 6 second rule in resumes? The theory is that the person who reads your resume in 6 seconds already decides if you are interested or not. Therefore, you have to try to make that first impression very good to finally get the job.

The advantage of the Job Today app in this case is that the format for writing your profile, with your experience, languages, training, etc. It is very quick to read, and the company in a few seconds can have seen your entire resume and get a complete idea of ​​how you are (and that you have a lot of talent).

But, to complement that good – and quick – first impression, we recommend something that we have proven to work: complete the “About me” section , as a mini-letter of introduction to give a closer look at how you are.

Experience or knowledge is essential for a position, but in them it is difficult to perceive a way of being . Therefore, take advantage of both the chat and the personal description to briefly explain your personality.

What kind of person you are? What characteristics of yours do you think are more useful for the position to which you apply? If you are looking for offers in tourism, for example, it would be interesting to highlight, in addition to studies or languages, if you have a gift from people, trips you have made, interests that can benefit the position in question, etc. Or if, for example, you are looking for work in education, it may be interesting to highlight the years that you have been a monitor in centers for free. The possibilities are many!

All so that whoever hires you can get an idea of ​​how you are at a first impression.

How to know what to put in a description of yourself? Think well 5 minutes: what list of virtues do you have? What do you think you would like to find in a job applicant, if the offer were yours?

If you need help to complete your profile or an opinion, in Job Today we are always willing to help;)

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