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Cursos para seguir formándote (¡y gratis!)

Doris Benitez
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When you are looking for work, you can take the opportunity to do other things that when you work you always postpone, like continuing to train. Why not start now? If you create a study routine, it can be easy! (In this post we give you ideas on how to organize) . The money in this case will also not be a reason for not being able to do it, because with the internet you can access an infinite number of courses on any subject that may interest you (and many of them made by universities!).

As the network can be very large to find good places to learn and be free, we have made a list of quality sites where you can find courses of all kinds:

  1. UDEMI



Udemi is a page where you can find courses in several languages, paid and free and with many topics: health, design, marketing, economics, art … Check all the options they offer!

  1. edX



A very complete platform with courses made by prestigious universities such as Harvard or Berkeley (it is in English, but you can practice languages ​​while you learn!)

  1. Tutellus


A platform in Spanish with courses of all kinds. There are paid courses, but you can select the search for free courses, there are many! Especially to get you started using programs (design, app creation, WordPress …)

  1. Coursera


courseraA platform with many courses made by universities, of all kinds of topics. Combine courses in English and Spanish.

  1. Cursopedia

cursopediaPlatform that combines paid and free courses. Among the free ones, you can find many about very interesting languages.

  1. KhanAcademy


Web totally free and very useful to learn and practice with topics of mathematics, science, computing, economics and finance.

  1. Myriad



Courses of Ibero-American universities and institutions, quality and free. Check out all categories!

  1. OpenLearning


Platform with English courses on all subjects, although there are paid courses, many of them are free.

  1. mooc.es



A website that brings together courses from various platforms, and that includes a wide variety of languages, themes and universities.

We are not going to lie to you, studying from home is difficult, but the reward can be very large. And don’t forget to include your new knowledge in your resume!


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