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Síntomas de que quizá debas cambiar de trabajo

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 3 min

Nowadays, work is very precious, but when it is not right you have to rethink things. Many people have bad days, or bad times, but if the general rule is negativity you may have to quit. Here are several signs that if they are fulfilled, you may have to dust our app and look for another job. You already know that JobToday will make it very easy in these cases. Of course, before doing so make sure you have resources to survive in your new search.

-You get bored:

We know that work is not the best place in the world to have fun. Boredom may be present every day of the year at certain times. We talk about general boredom, lack of challenges. If you feel that what you do does not fill you or have an important value for your company, it is a sign that something is not going well.

-You are self-conscious:

When you are not allowed to exploit your skills. Many workers have a low level of responsibility when entering new ones, and cannot make their strengths known. The logical thing is that as you progress you will be allowed more freedom to apply your strengths. If this does not happen it can be a threat to your self-esteem, and that is the last thing we want.


Many experts say that the factor that motivates workers the most is the rise in their career. More than money, or how nice your boss is. That is why if you believe that within a time your position will remain exactly the same, your productivity will be lower.

-Continuous stress:

Again we clarify that stress can be part of the job. Sometimes it even helps us to be alert and be more productive. But when stress monopolizes your entire nervous system both inside and outside work, your health begins to take risks.

-Money problems:

Do not take into account if the one who reads this is a buyer of compulsive clothing or has had a serious problem in particular. If you have been in your company for a while and still worry about your bank account every day that passes, you may need to find something that can better compensate you.

-You fear on Mondays:

One thing is that I give you a small slump on Sunday night before starting a new week. But when your weekend is more of a release than a break, and just thinking about work disturbs you, bad business. Think a year has many Mondays.


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