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¿Me descontarán el día si hago huelga?

Doris Benitez
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Securing a strike is a right that the law establishes as one of the basic constitutional rights of every worker to defend their interests. It will always be your decision whether or not you want to stop providing services, but … do you know on what occasions you will be deducted from the day of the strike?

First of all you should know that the fact that the strike day is discounted or will not depend on whether the company you work in has opened and how it has done so. That is why you should know the different scenarios that can occur in a day of unemployment.

When the company may or may not discount the days of strike?

  1. The company opens with total normality: We are sorry to tell you that in this case if you decide to strike, your boss will be able to deduct the work day from your salary. If on the contrary you have gone to your job, the day belongs to you even if the company cannot function as usual due to the circumstances.
  2. The company opens but during the day it is forced to close: It is a situation that can occur easily, the pickets go to the workplace and the boss ends up deciding to close. Well, if this is the situation that affects you you should know that you will not charge the day if the facts and really harm the company. If these problems do not exist and the company still closes, the day cannot be discounted.
  3. The company does not open during the strike day: In this case, participate in the strike or not, the day will be paid as if you had worked it.
  4. You can’t get to your job because of pickets: This situation may still seem strange; You want to get to your job but the pickets cut the roads or do not let you access your company, in this case you have to know that the day will be discounted. Although you can show that you have not been able to arrive for those reasons, your situation will be the same as that of those who strike.

In short, only in the scenarios that we have exposed to you can the salary be discounted, in this case it will be the salary day plus the proportional part of the rest, that is, 1.4 days of the month’s total. You should remember that this will always be for strikers and non-strikers in situations where there is significant damage to the company.

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