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Cómo actuar después de ser preseleccionado

Doris Benitez
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By the operation of the app, when in a candidacy you appear as ‘preselected’, it means that you have passed the first filter for the company and are interested in you. But then doubts arise:

Is the ball on your roof or in mine?

If you are shortlisted, do you have to start your conversation or wait for the company? Both things can happen. If you have been very interested in the employer, he may speak to you. The important part is that you start the first conversation immediately by chat. At this point, it  is very important to have notifications activated  in order to quickly see the offers in which you have been shortlisted. Our recommendation to start the conversation:

  • As soon as you see that you are shortlisted, open a chat with the company. It is important to be quick so that they see that you are pending.
  • First of all, thank the company for the interest in you.
  • If you think it is necessary, detail something more relevant to your experience, knowledge or skills that may be of interest  for that particular position .
  • If you want to know more about the position, ask for details. Avoid asking first about salary. Everything will come, quiet.

And if they don’t respond?

Quiet . Sometimes companies receive many applications and can manage them more or less quickly and that can translate into taking a response. It’s not that they don’t answer you because they don’t want to, they’re busy. Insist a lot (or use a ‘Hello?’) In the conversation can play against you. No one likes to feel overwhelmed.

Even so, if approximately one week passes and you do not receive anything, in a polite manner, it is good to ask if the offer continues or not active, to give rise to what you can answer and continue with the conversation.

Do they respond and show interest in you? Congratulations! Tell us your story on the networks and you will make our day 🙂

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