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El cambio cultural en los procesos de selección

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

It is surprising that news continue to appear today about companies that establish collaborations with job portals, to promote themselves free of charge at the cost of the illusions and motivations of hundreds of people, who hope to have a job opportunity that allows them to start their career and be more independent.

It is common to find frustrated candidates who, after feeling mistreated during the selection processes, either because after an interview they are not even told that they do not continue in the selection process, or because they are fed up of companies treating them as if they were barely they exist, they decide to pay employers with the same currency and disappear from the selection processes abruptly.

The digital revolution and the new paradigms of online job search force a change in the relationship established between employers and candidates. The latter have generated a new cultural adjustment that requires companies to demonstrate a specific company culture, which is committed to the valuation of their workers, their training and the work development they may have in it; as well as the agility in the hiring processes, which to date used to be endless.

Bidirectional communication is another key aspect when establishing an employment relationship and interviewers should be aware that during a job interview not only the candidate is being valued, but also the company itself. Making the mistake of underestimating those people who are going to represent the culture of your company through their work, not only in a huge mistake in the times, but it can seriously affect the reputation of a company. Young digital natives can act as preceptors of a company when it comes to attracting talent, but they can also be the trigger for a rejection of your company by future employees. It is therefore necessary to establish a communication that humanizes, brings and facilitates interaction between people.

Although in recent years the majority of companies have begun to take measures to increase their attractiveness and positioning towards young professionals, establishing closer and easier contact through platforms such as JobToday, unfortunately there is still a long way to go in the cultural change of companies, and those who do not understand that people go ahead of companies, will irretrievably lose their career in the new cultural change at work.