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estilo de vida saludable en la oficina

Consejos saludables para poner en práctica en la oficina

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Working in an office in front of a computer is very common in our society. Did you know that people who work in an office can sit more than 10 hours a day ?

And yes, being so many hours sitting is detrimental to our health, both mental and physical. But do we do something to remedy it?

From Job Today we propose a series of tips that every office should use to work in a healthy environment and improve the health of workers.

Practice breathing exercises

A highly recommended practice, before starting the working day is to perform breathing exercises . Training our breathing can help us relax in complicated situations, as well as oxygenate our brain to start the day with much more vitality. Go for them all!

Sit in the right, essential way

If we are going to spend so many hours in a chair, it is necessary to take into account the correct posture so as not to suffer bodily harm, especially in the back.

To achieve a good position, it is very important to rest your feet on the floor and not cross your legs. We should also avoid shrugging the shoulder and neck when talking on the phone. It is also highly recommended to get up at least every hour and walk around the office in addition to performing body stretching.

Being two hours standing at work, we could significantly reduce the risks of sedentary lifestyle. In some offices, they offer the possibility of using an instrument on the desk that allows you to work standing up. Would you dare to try it?

Practice yoga

A large number of companies are committed to discover the benefits of yoga . There is a clear tendency to bring professionals of these exercises in the workspaces, to carry out sessions that can be very beneficial for the health of the employees. Yoga encourages motivation , reduces anxiety and improves concentration , among many other mental and bodily benefits such as back care. In addition, it can be a good time to get distracted and encourage group cohesion.

We spend a lot of our time working, so we should all encourage healthy habits that will make us feel happier and will have very positive consequences both in jobs and in our lives. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!