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Fórmate en lo que quieras con 10 minutos al día

Doris Benitez
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Apps like Job Today show that the way you look for work has changed, and now you can do it anytime, anywhere. But it is not the only sector that has changed its operation: education has also done so, and has reached our mobile phones with new methods to learn: much more dynamic and with the possibility of learning every day by spending only a couple of minutes.

We bring you a list of our favorite apps (and free!):

1. Language apps

The star theme for learning through mobile: apps to learn languages. In our ranking are apps like Babbel , Duolingo , Busuu , Learn English with Films (a stub learning English watching movies!) And BBC Learning English .

2. Coursera (App Store / Google Play)

an app with free university courses and all kinds of themes. If your motivation for the course is high, you can even ask for a certificate like you have taken that course in college!

3. TED (App Store / Google Play)

If you don’t know the TED talks yet, we invite you to discover this world: talks on all kinds of topics, which will make you expand your culture (and you’ll find them subtitled in most languages!)

4. Itunes U

Do you know this app, if you have an iPhone? You can download all kinds of content for free and study slowly on your mobile: your time on the train or bus will be well used!

5. Peak (App Store / Google Play)

To complete your learning, a little fun to liven up your bus or train trips: do daily exercises of a couple of minutes to improve your memory, coordination or language (among many other options). You will notice the change!

+1: Apps for everything and everyone

The icing on the cake of our ranking are the apps that show us that you can learn about anything from your mobile. Do you want to get to know MoMa up close , even if you can’t travel to New York? Do you want to see everything NASA offers ? With these apps you can satisfy your curiosity about any topic!

And the list could go on: in the App Store / Google Play there is even an Interactive Quijote . What apps do you use to continue training? We want to complete our list!

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