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¿Estudias y trabajas? Consejos para llegar a todo

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

Combining studies with employment is very common among young people, the Generación SíSí. However, those who have passed or are going through this stage, know that it is a great challenge on many occasions. For those who want to reach everything, the days should have more than 24 hours and the weekends be longer. Thus, they could combine studies, work and social life, which is also very necessary!

Here are some tips to overcome everything you set out to enjoy both tasks and squeeze them to the fullest.

To be organized

“Time is money”, and for those who work and study at the same time they would have to take it into account. Taking advantage of every moment is essential to overcome the weeks without a great effort. So it is highly recommended to have a well organized agenda in which you write down all the tasks and pending things you have during the week and distribute them as equitably as possible.

Concentrate to the fullest

Have you heard of Mindfulness ? It is an intellectual technique of meditation that seeks to achieve a state of mindfulness in what is being done. If you dare to try it, great, and if you do not believe much in this type of exercise we recommend that you try to pay maximum attention to what you are doing. It will help you focus more on your tasks and make them better!

Search synergies

Both for those who are working on what they are training, and for those who do it for another sector, it is highly recommended to involve both tasks . This will make you grow faster, both professionally and personally, and will make everything make sense.


To be able to overcome a long day of work and study it is very important to rest . Also, remember that our brain orders and consolidates information while we sleep. So it is advisable to study and let the information rest during sleep, so the brain performs its function to solidify our learning.

Motivate yourself

What you do requires a lot of time and effort, so you have to be happy with what you do and be motivated every day to overcome everything that gets in your way. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!