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Guía para encontrar trabajo en verano

Doris Benitez
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The academic year ends and summer begins: a great time to earn a salary and save. It is also a good time for people who consider spending a few months abroad to improve languages. And the situation could not be better: the job offer is much greater than the rest of the year. According to data from the Ministry of Employment,  1,299,100 new contracts are calculated .

Our options for getting a job are many,  so you have to prepare well! We want to take advantage of our experience to help you out in this field and that you can take advantage of all the opportunities. Every day, an average of almost 1,000 new offers appear throughout Job Spain , and you have to organize yourself well in order to reach the ones that interest you most.

Start at the beginning: prepare your profile well

The first thing you should ask yourself,  what are you looking for a job? It is important that you keep this in mind when preparing your resume (and make sure you have it very up-to- date and complete!). It includes the information that may be most relevant for that particular type of work. A resume has to be direct and concise, you will have to highlight some things above others! In addition, if you are clear about the type of job you are looking for, you can focus on using word search (to a specific type of job, for example: cook) and save time.

What jobs generate more offers?

Although we all know that tourism is one of the sectors that offer more work in the summer season (only in Job Today 15,000 offers were published during the month of May in this market), there are many more possibilities. The jobs that have more potential in summer are:

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE . Hotels, airports, information points … If you master several languages, it’s time to bring them out!
  • WAITER, BARMAN . The jewel in the crown of tourism in Spain: the terrace! Many bars need more staff in the summer months.
  • MONITORS, ANIMATORS, SOCORRISTAS . In summer, children have free time, and hence many job offers arise! If you have experience in these jobs, or studies in education, it is a good option.
  • PROMOTERS, COLLECTORS . These offers proliferate a lot in summer, it’s your time!
  • Recitations . If you are studying something related or if you were good at the institute, university, etc. Some specific subject may be the time to dedicate hours a day to review. The centers are already looking for personnel!
  • Substitutions . In many places they look for extra staff to cover vacation shifts. You have the opportunity to stay later! Do not hesitate to find companies that you like and see if they need staff.
  • There is also the possibility of doing a VOLUNTEER . We tell you more about the subject here .

On the other hand, do you consider looking for work in a different place from where you live? In Job Today you can look for offers throughout the Spanish territory, it is a good time to spend the summer in big cities! In addition to discovering new sites, you will have much more job offer.

Are you looking for a job abroad? From Job Today you can look for work in London and improve your English! ( Here we give you a couple of tricks to study languages).

Working in the summer can be the starting point to start gaining work experience, to have extra savings while studying or a good time to start a company. New offers appear every day, review it continuously! (And the last tip: and make sure you have notifications enabled!).

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