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Generación Z

La Generación Z en el lugar de trabajo en España

Doris Benitez
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Surely you have heard many times talk about “millennials” but … do you know what Generation Z is? We tell you everything in our latest report! Download it here .

It is the generation that includes those born between 1995 and 2003, so they are between 18 and 23 years old and are beginning to enter the labor market. This is the first generation that was born totally surrounded by technology and the Internet. Their learning and socialization process has been influenced by the online world from the beginning, they also have Smartphone since adolescence.

How is this Generation Z?

Those who belong to Generation Z have values ​​and interests that make them different from other generations:

  • They prioritize money and professional careers ahead of aspects such as family or sport and healthy living.
  • They prefer to read books and listen to music, ahead of other hobbies like watching TV.
  • If there is something that identifies them as a generation, it is impatience. They are so used to the immediacy of technology that they need everything to accompany that speed.
  • They consider themselves the best prepared generation. This causes them to have a very high confidence in themselves, which in addition to helping them to exploit their talent encourages them to undertake, 55% of Generation Z wants to open their own business.
  • The labor field that interests them most is that of science, technology, mathematics. This contrasts with the previous generation, the Millenialls, who preferred the world of information.
  • They are self-taught. YouTube tutorials (your favorite social network) and online guides are basic for them. This causes the number of graduates to decrease, which does not imply a lack of talent, it is simply a new way of learning focused on vocation and experiences.

How are they in the work environment?

The main skills in the work of those who belong to this generation are collaboration and communication. They prefer a participatory and open communication environment in which teamwork and creativity play a fundamental role.

  • Despite all the technology that surrounds them, they prefer communication in person when it comes to work, 39% prefer face to face rather than mail.
  • They prefer to work as a team, leaving competitiveness aside and working collaboratively.
  • They are not looking for a boss, they want a leader or mentor, to teach and know how to communicate and support others. They prefer to receive quality feedback and receive critical comments that help them improve frequently.
  • Generation Z prefers stable work, although this does not mean that it is fixed. They want a position that gives them security.
  • They prefer large or medium-sized companies where they can have growth opportunities. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!