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Trabajos de verano

Los mejores trabajos de verano para estudiantes

Doris Benitez
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Finish the university, the institute, the training school and arrive what you have been waiting for all year, summer! But as the mothers say, summer is very long and gives time to do everything.

Don’t you think it’s a good time to work and gain some experience and money? While you consider it, in Job Today we leave you our proposals for better summer jobs for students. Are you sure any of them fit you!

Our top 6 summer jobs


It is the star job in summer and on weekends. Children have many vacations but their parents do not have that luck, so they need someone to stay with them. If you like children, go ahead.

Dependent in stores

Summer brings discounts and all stores expand their templates to meet the demand of these dates. You will find your site and as they are usually part-time jobs you will have time for everything.


The parties, the brands, the restaurants… everything in summer is associated with a promotion and it is necessary personnel to send the information to the consumers.

Normally these jobs are commissioned so your salary will be based on the hours you want to invest. On the other hand, if you want your work to be supportive you can always be an NGO promoter.


You have to have a gift of word and patience with those who take your phone, but if you do that, the work will be yours. They are part-time jobs that can even be done from home, it can be a good option.

Life guard

If sport is your thing and you like water, you can be a lifeguard. Keep in mind that you must have a degree and eager for beach and / or pool!

Practice of your specialty

Summer is the perfect time to start making contact with what will be your profession. Many companies seek to cover vacations and you can have a good opportunity. Find the ones that best suit your needs and where you think you will learn. That they are paid, that you have an incentive. 

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