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Pon un voluntariado en tu perfil

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

A curriculum is not just training and paid work experience: it can include hobbies, work that you have done at the university or a volunteer.

Companies want to know any relevant experience you have had and how those experiences can help PERFORMANCE ñ ar your future work and show that you can commit to a task and also are a responsible person. 

Why a volunteer? 

Volunteering is, by definition, a work (although not paid) marked by a decision of its own to help a specific community, the environment, a specific cause, or a long list of reasons.

In addition to personal satisfaction for carrying out volunteer work, volunteering can also open doors for you on a professional level:

  • Do not have experience in the world of work? Good news: including a  volunteer can give a positive view of you. Because it means that you have moved to not be ‘ standing’ and have put your grain of sand in the causes that motivate you .
  • In addition, at any professional moment in which you are, a volunteer will make companies see you as a person strongly committed and with values .
  • Currently there is a wide variety of volunteer offers. So you can always look for them to be related to your profession. In this way, in addition to being able to help in a field that you master, you will get work experience.

The choice of volunteering

The choice of place to volunteer can be local (in associations in your city) or anywhere in the world . In the first case, you will create ties with your own community and, in the workplace, it can give a lot of confidence to companies in the same area. In the second case, in addition to the experience, you can improve your language skills .

Platforms such as hazfalta.org have all kinds of offers. Surely you will find many that you will love!

Work experience is very important because it can make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. It is a way to show a company that there is commitment on your part and that you have knowledge about the job you have applied to. So if you are looking for work and have no experience, why don’t you consider volunteering? 

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