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¿Qué habilidades buscan las empresas?

Alex Postance
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The human resources departments of the companies have the objective of hiring the ideal employee for each vacancy and this leads to a selection process not always easy in many cases. But, although each company has a unique and different philosophy, there are some capabilities and characteristics as demanded as necessary when performing the job successfully.

The importance of personal skills

Beyond our training and professional experience, human resources departments pay special attention to personal skills. That is, those that do not have so much to do with knowledge or technical skills, but with each person’s own abilities. And for more than 90% of employers, attitude is the key to performing a good job.

The most demanded skills by companies

  • Emotional and social intelligence: it is, in many cases, determinant in the work environment. It is not at odds with intellectual intelligence, but it is the perfect complement. Empathy, socialization
  • Problem-solving ability: it is not always easy, but there are certain employees who quickly and efficiently solve the obstacles they encounter along the way. This also has to do with pressure tolerance we have.
  • Decision making: it is a complicated task because we do not always move in comfortable terrain. From our ability to solve problems, we will also make the most optimal decision. Here also comes assertiveness, also in demand in companies.
  • Teamwork: Although it sounds very topical, not all people dominate this facet. They have individualization and this affects the final result. This implies exercising good coordination with others to overcome the objectives set.
  • Adaptation to change: changes can be more comfortable than others. Our work will also depend on our ability to adapt to them.
  • Creativity: it is a highly valued gift in companies as we move into a world in which it is necessary to innovate and propose new ideas and alternatives.
  • Ease of Communication: communication is everything in all areas and, among others, the ability we have to communicate, as well as active listening, is highly valued.

Technology Oriented Skills

In terms of skills, most have to do with more technical skills and abilities due to the continuous technological advancement in companies and, in general, in society. Among them, the knowledge and experience in cloud computing big data or seo, marketing or cybersecurity stand out . The latter, increasingly demanded by companies and governments.

Companies with unique differential value

Of course, these are the general skills most demanded by companies, although this will also depend on the type of company, culture and particular philosophy. However, the fact that soft skills have become more important than hard skills leaves clear evidence and that companies have become more human. And not only that, but this is where the true differential value between some organizations and others resides.

An article from IMF Business School

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