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Qué buscan las empresas en un diseñador gráfico

Doris Benitez
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Are you looking for a job as a graphic designer or are you looking for one for your company? Sometimes it is difficult to define the type of profile we require for our business and it is important to think it through before looking for a candidate.

It is difficult to specify the skills that a graphic designer should have because it will depend a lot on the position he is in. There are many types of design, and not always have to be mastered by all the person in the position. For example: the company may only require a designer for graphic content for social networks. Or for editorial design. Or an expert profile in UX / UI (among many other categories!).

If you want to hire someone for your company, think about what you really need to translate it into the offer , and in this way you will make sure to find the ideal candidate.

Work as a graphic designer

There are necessary skills for this position that are shared with other jobs, which are based on the fact of being a good worker: tidy, careful, optimistic, decisive … In addition to these characteristics, which can be demonstrated in the same job interview There are key aspects that do differentiate the best candidate for a position:

The portfolio . Is essential! The designer will be able to teach projects with which he has previously worked and thus the company will be able to see what the candidate knows how to do at the outset and resembles what they had in mind for the job. If you are a designer and you don’t have any, don’t waste your time and prepare it! You will be required in all positions. It is interesting that you can have your own website or have it public on a platform like Domestika or Behance.

Studies and experience. Do you need the candidate to have previously worked in other companies? It can be an entry point to better define the job offer.

Training can be an essential aspect, although it must always be accompanied by a portfolio. There may be cases of self-taught designers who have learned based on practices. What counts is that I can teach you realized projects and that demonstrate the real skills you have.

Also as a company you should value: if it lacks x skill can you learn it? Whenever we start a new job, it is likely that there are tools that we do not master and need prior preparation. It’s all about continuing to learn!

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