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Qué preguntas hacer en una entrevista como candidato

Qué preguntas hacer en una entrevista como candidato

Doris Benitez
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Surely you have read many articles about the questions that will be asked in job interviews and how you should prepare for them (for example, this one ). But … do you know what you should ask? In this article we will tell you the things you should ask (or be clear) before giving the interview finished.

First, why should you ask things in a job interview? The most obvious answer: to answer questions about your position that the recruiter has not specified. But you should also keep in mind that it is a way for the company to see that you have an interest in the position and the operation of the business.

What to ask in the job interview

It is important that in the interview you ask things to help you determine how your daily routine in the company will be, because it will help you to better imagine the position. This way you will see if the work dynamics that they have in that place is already familiar to the one you have, if you think you would fit well or not, etc.

For example, generic questions that will help you understand the position. Sometimes the job descriptions are too “broad” and you can’t imagine if you’re a good candidate or not for that job:

“Will I work as a team?” If yes, “how will the tasks be organized among all the members?”, “How will my day to day work in the company?”.

To know about schedules or overtime, you can ask it this way: “Is the work rate constant or variable?” This question can be used to break the ice with the subject, and not asking directly if there are usually overtime in that position.

Then you can also ask questions about the first day, or what projects you would work on joining.

In conclusion: you should always remember that an interview is not only for the company to know you and decide if you are the best candidate, but that you also go there to know if the position interests you and is a good option for your future. Do not hesitate to ask to solve doubts!

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