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Selección de personal

Selección de personal: cómo escoger al candidato ideal

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

If it is difficult for candidates to pass a selection process and face an interview, for the recruiter it is no less. Know if you have chosen the right person for the position, if you can take on the responsibilities, doubt if you may have made the mistake by leaving out the process that person you also liked … these are some of the situations they face Companies every time they open a process.

But … how do you know if you are right?

When you shortlist candidates, it is time to start a conversation with them and meet them . At this point, you have to be clear:

  • Consider that in the preselection you must have taken out the profiles that most match the requirements you were looking for (domain of x programs, experience, studies …).
  • Therefore, what you now have to find out is how they are, their way of working and if your business fits well with the operation .

We recommend you…

  • It’s a good sign that a candidate likes you, but don’t focus on that alone. You have to hire the most effective person for the position you offer.
  • Ask about their work (with details) in other companies (in businesses similar to yours). This way you will know if it has worked in a similar way to yours. For example, if you have a restaurant with a high volume of customers, it is interesting that the chef in question knows how to operate in similar environments.
  • The first impression is important, but not decisive. Do not discard any candidate ahead of time and listen to him. Always listen .

Very important: probably more than one candidate may be valid for the position, the factors to decide will be the deal with him and how you think he will fit with the rest of the team.

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