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¿Tienes una pyme? Te ayudamos a encontrar empleados

Doris Benitez
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The search for employees for your business can be quite a job and sometimes it can cause a little headache. Do you know how to succeed in this mission? If you are not sure, calm down! At Job Today we want to put at your service all the experience of the companies that use our app to give you the most useful advice during the hiring process .

Because one of the things that most concern recruiters is the question of “How can I be sure that I am hiring the best among all the candidates? Obviously there is no easy answer to that question because the search for employees for a company is always a trial-error, and the more you learn it is based on your own experience. But still, the best plan you can have is to think calmly about the job offer and the type of candidate you need .

All this is important to be clear before starting to publish the offer and select possible staff. To know if you are well placed to start, you have to answer these questions:

“How is the position I offer?”

First of all, you should outline the type of vacancy your company has: is it a job that you have done previously? In this case, you will have tables to know what skills are needed or not for the position. If you haven’t done anything similar, could someone else on the staff help you with hiring?

Write the job offer, knowing what you are looking for . For example, surely you are not looking for a “cook” in general, you are probably looking for a specific type of cuisine (Mediterranean cuisine for example? Japanese? Etc.), or certain work dynamics / schedules.

“Which is better: a good resume or a good attitude?”

The eternal doubt: “I like this candidate a lot after the interview, but this other one has a better resume.” What do you do in such cases?

The key is knowing how to measure the two options . In the first place, when you make the first selection, what you will see about the candidates will be only their work profile: do you need that for the position you want to occupy they have a specific training, or certain years of previous experience in a similar position? Detail it input.

After this first selection, you will be able to detect possible candidates that fit the position, but what will make you decide will be the attitude or what each one transmits to you, and if you think it fits with the philosophy of the company and with the rest of the team . Remember: not always the brightest resume makes the perfect candidate for your business.

“What future plans do I see in the candidate?”

It is important to think about the projection that a worker has in the company: does he have the possibility of growing at work? It is interesting that you value the candidate’s ability to learn new skills or if he knows how to function well and solve new professional challenges. It will also help you to include that in the interview when you talk to the possible future employee. Remember that the candidate must also find the company interesting to accept the position!

“How much time do I need to hire?”

Although it is not always possible to do things ‘ideally and calmly’, you must have something clear: urgency can play tricks on you. Have the time you have, do not hire someone you need in the long term without much thought. As far as possible, you should consider the above points.

“Trial period?”

Do you know that you can also include a trial period in the employment contract? A trial period is a time during which company and worker test each other. In it, both the company and the worker can break the contract without justifying a reason, without paying compensation and without notice. The maximum duration of this period can range between 2 and 6 months, depending on the agreement of each sector.

As a final tip, we also recommend that you rely on your intuition, because it is important that you remember that there may be more than one good option for the same position, and that the attitude or motivation of a candidate may be what finally makes you decide. And if you need more advice in another aspect, in Job Today we are ready for everything! Check our blog with articles dedicated to companies . Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!