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Cuatro trabajos típicos de la temporada navideña

Doris Benitez
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During the Christmas season , in the months of December and January, the volume of sales for shops , restaurants, travel agencies, supermarkets and large stores soar. Therefore, the offers of Christmas jobs increase, which in many cases are usually temporary. But there are some very exceptional jobs that only occur in this season and that are close to the customs of these dates.

We invite you to learn more about some Christmas works:

  1. Santa Claus and the Three Kings : The celebration of Christmas and the arrival of the Magi are very widespread customs and therefore it is very common to hire people who represent Santa Claus and the Magi so that the children come to take pictures with or to deliver your wish letter in shopping centers, public squares, parks or even for private events
  2. Christmas Tree Producers: Although many homes prefer artificial trees, there are currently Christmas tree farms that protect vegetation and prevent deforestation, even environmental groups suggest that buying a natural tree is the best alternative since artificial decorative trees are manufactured with synthetic components that can be harmful.
  3. Gift packers: This work is very common in large commercial areas and involves wrapping gifts from users. It is a task mainly performed by young people and that requires skill and dexterity in manual tasks since you can get to pack up to 100 gifts per day.
  4. Christmas Decorator: This work has gained relevance in recent years as more and more people get more involved in this task and care more about the ornaments and lighting of their homes, or even in the offices you breathe a more Christmas atmosphere, But this task takes time. That is why the number of people who choose to hire someone to perform this task has increased considerably.

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