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Trabajos de verano: Playa o piscina.

¿Prefieres trabajar en la playa o eres más de piscina?

Doris Benitez
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The heat arrives in the city, and above, with the desire that you have to do things, and take advantage of the summer, the options are reduced considerably, and you end up doing the same as always … but, what if you could choose where spend the months of July and August, on top earning a good salary for doing what you like best? Are you beach or pool? Did you know that in both places thousands of jobs are offered every year?

In this post some of the most typical summer jobs are exposed , related to those places that you so long for in these months; being able to be on the beach, why would you stay in the city? Throw yourself into adventure!

The most interesting summer jobs

  1. Rescue

A crowded beach, as well as a swimming pool to the brim, need a security to the height of the circumstances. Every summer a lot of lifeguard jobs are offered on the main beaches of our country, as well as in hotel pools, parks and public places. Can you imagine spending the summer watching a beach, or a pool?

  1. Camping

One of the great claims of summer are these camping areas, located in some of the most beautiful places we can boast. A campsite needs a large number of workers to function properly; cooks, waiters, lifeguards, nurses, monitors, etc. What do you say, do you feel like spending the summer in a paradise, or do you prefer to stay in the city? I was waiting for that answer!

  1. Monitors

Every recreation area needs someone capable of organizing activities, especially for the youngest; From field trips to volleyball tournaments, what do you feel like doing? It is in your hand, you are the monitor!

  1. Waiters

The need for waiters is common to almost all tourist destinations in our country, so do not hesitate for a second, if you are interested in spending the summer months to earn a good salary, this option is present in all the beaches and pools that They value each other.

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