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¡Tú tienes el poder!

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min


You have the power! Things are changing and it is important that you internalize this mantra every time you show up for a job interview.

Remember that they need you! If you do not perform the tasks, if you do not get involved at work and in the company, if you do not decide to bet on your project and help them in their purpose, they will never achieve their objectives. To get things you must all go to one and work as a team and that is only achieved with respect.

You do not have to stand in line to qualify for an interview in which you are granted three minutes of your time, after waiting 40 in the rain. Things are changing and you have other options. You decide who you want to talk to, when you can do it and under what conditions. It’s that easy and that simple!

You have other alternatives

In Job Today we give you the opportunity to interact clearly with your interviewer in those moments that favor both of you; No waiting, no misunderstanding and no situations that make you feel less.

Job Today is committed to people and communication. We make things easier for you to understand the other, their needs and what they expect from you. You will quickly be able to understand if you can offer what they are looking for, or on the contrary you need another type of challenge to grow personally and professionally.

The job search is not a war, it is a conversation between people who discover affinities and common points of collaboration and growth.

Join the change, connect with other people and join the Job Today family now.

You have the power and we are waiting for you!