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Un buen sitio para trabajar: Bienvenidos, amantes de la carne

Doris Benitez
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Delicatessen Argentina is a good example that, sometimes, the topics respond to reality: Argentines are crazy about good meat . This gourmet butcher shop is a reference place to buy top quality meat , from Argentina, Uruguay, Nebraska, Galicia and Girona, always of Argentine style, of course.

In addition, not everything is intimate, secret, Creole sausage, blood sausage and company. The gastronomic offer is complemented with other delicacies and typical products such as alfajores, empanadas, yerba mate, cheeses, Argentine wines … and even barbecues. The full catering service is also offered to bring the authentic Argentine barbecue show to any event.

Good product, good people, good atmosphere

As in a barbecue, a relaxed and familiar atmosphere is essential in the workplace . That is perfectly compatible with being very demanding with the quality of the product and the service offered in Delicatessen Argentina . In addition to the monthly team lunches, it is customary to organize tastings of meat and wine tastings, great to know the product offered and share more relaxed outside the routine of everyday moments idea.

The company does not lose sight of the fact that in its four stores in Barcelona, employees enjoy total confidence, providing them with a good schedule , and work flexibility . It also gives the importance it deserves to combine work and family life for those fathers and mothers with children of school age.

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