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Un buen sitio para trabajar: ¿el ingrediente que falta?

Doris Benitez
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Did you know that Papa John’s , started with the sale of a Chevrolet Camaro? It all starts in 1984, when John Schnatter decides to sell his precious Camaro to open his first restaurant. Who was going to tell him that this car was going to change his life? Since then, it has conducted the business of wonder, and has made it the third largest pizza franchise in the world: 4,700 establishments in 37 countries … and a total of 525 employees in Spain.

Your pizzas triumph everywhere. At birthday parties, hangouts with friends or football nights. What would these moments be without a good portion in your hands? With Papa John’s they taste much better. Because, as the sharp slogan of the pizzeria says, “better ingredients, better pizza”.

The secret ingredient to work at Papa John’s:

The dough is exquisite. The tomato, of superior quality. The mozzarella, fresh and tasty. But there is an essential ingredient that explains the success of Papa John’s: people. Hence its name, PAPA JOHN’S, which refers to the acronym People Are Priority Always (people are always the priority).

Aware of the value of the human team, the promotion plan is very ambitious. María del Rey, responsible for recruitment and selection of Papa John’s Spain, notes that 17 managers of the 21 pizzerias open so far, began working as shift managers, or even as store assistants. “In the end,” he says, ” we realize that the recipe for success looks a lot like the secret to making a good pizza: the more effort, the better result .

In Papa John’s good vibes are served. The atmosphere is excellent, “our staff is generally young people and always creates a good work environment, especially on Fridays when leaving work. There is companionship and they make good friends. ” 

It is clear that both clients and workers are the basis of the work, hence it has been awarded in the “Great Workplace 2017” as one of the best companies to work for in Spain.

Papa John's

2017 Great Place to Work Awards


Pizzas with a great touch of solidarity

The focus on the person goes much further. The implication that the company has created the Empapa-t project – in collaboration with various associations – to support the labor insertion of disabled people is so great. At the international level, other CSR activities of great importance are carried out. For example, it has been donated1.3 million euros to the Junior Achievement program, an international organization that helps young people build a better future, promoting entrepreneurial training, financial education and job preparation. They also support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an entity that helps children suffering from serious illnesses. Finally, although the solidarity side of the company does not end here, it collaborates with the Boy Scouts of America and with many university sports teams.

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