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Un buen sitio para trabajar: Sentirse felicíssimo

Doris Benitez
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We declare ourselves true fans of stories such as those of habitissimo , in which a latent need becomes a brilliant idea and materializes in a company where it is a pleasure to work .

One of the founders, Jordi Ber, found himself in a situation that is familiar to many of us: the usual headaches when hiring professionals to make reforms at home. It would have been good for him to have a guide of the sector, with opinions and experiences of other users – as is already the case with hotels and restaurants.

So he got down to work (never better) and together with Martín Caleau they developed a successful startup in 2008 . Almost ten years later, habitissimo is a great platform that connects construction professionals with private clients, already present in 9 countries and in which about 400,000 annual projects of works and reforms are processed. And up!

Martín and Jordi, happy parents of the creature

Martín and Jordi, happy parents of the creature

People, Happiness and Culture

In general, people’s happiness and motivation of talent are essential. So much so that its creators flee from the term Human Resources: “People are much more than a resource. It is the most important thing we have . Instead, the Department of People, Happiness and Culture has been designed, which ensures that the more than 200 workers in the current workforce feel comfortable developing their work.

Energy and positive attitude is transmitted from day one. When a person becomes part of the team, he soaks up that spirit through an onboarding program to get to know the company in depth. It includes a fun game: talking with classmates to solve a series of questions about the day to day of the team … in exchange for cookies!


The commercial team, celebrating a hard day of teambuilding.

Shared enthusiasm

In habitissimo they say that they have managed to “create a relaxed work environment, in which everyone can develop and grow to become the professional they want to be . Own training itineraries have been developed to promote internal promotion and equal opportunities.

As work is something very serious, it combines perfectly with birthday celebrations, Hawaiian Fridays, the disconnect room and the Xbox, and many spontaneous initiatives that arise and make it a great place to work.

Halloween: another ideal occasion for everyone to show their usual side

Halloween: another ideal occasion for everyone to show their usual side

Now, rejoice: habitissimo wants to grow with you. Check the job offers available at JOB TODAY .