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Un buen sitio para trabajar: Trabajar ayudando, doble recompensa

Doris Benitez
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“Older people, who are getting more and more, can be taken care of exceptionally . This is summarized by Daniel Ibiza, CEO of Aiudo , the main objective of the company he created in 2015, following his own family experience. Daniel knew firsthand the need to have a trustworthy caregiver in the home, something to which Aiudo puts a solution in an effective and affordable way.

Aiudo’s specialized home help and assistance service is aimed at seniors or with some kind of dependency who want to stay in their home, which “is where they have their memories and their lives,” says Daniel.

Daniel Ibiza, CEO of Aiudo

Daniel Ibiza, CEO of Aiudo

Shared values

Trust, warmth, closeness, empathy, responsibility and delicacy are some of the essential values ​​to be part of the Aiudo team of caregivers. The selection process lives up to the maximum respect that people in vulnerable situations deserve. It is a very demanding process (CV analysis, training test, personal interview and checking references), to guarantee the quality of the professionals that will be assigned to care for people with dependency according to their specific needs.

Part of the Aiudo team

Part of the Aiudo team

At the same time, the company also offers a deal of trust and transparency with caregivers, formalizing indefinite contracts and paying the worker between 85.5% and 95.5% of the cost of the service performed.

Yes, Aiudo deserves a prominent place in our selection of good places to work. Due to its social dimension, due to decent working conditions and other social responsibility projects carried out, with entities such as the Red Cross or Alanna , for the benefit of women victims of gender-based violence or at risk of social exclusion.

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