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Un buen sitio para trabajar: A ritmo de scooter

Doris Benitez
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Go march leads Cooltra. It has already managed to be the largest European motorcycle rental company (it has done great since 2006). And, keep an eye on the data: they have a fleet of 10,000 motorcycles – of which 1,500 are electric – in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Brazil.

Cooltra scooters are ideal to move around the city at your leisure. To drive your own destiny. For freedom lovers. They look like phrases taken from a self-promotion shirt, but it is a true truth and you can check it by taking a look at the opinions of Tripadvisor .

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Move freely and comfortably, Cooltra in its purest form!

With a scooter in your hands you will enjoy a perfect day either on vacation or in your day to day. In addition the company provides you with the eCooltra service, that is, rent an electric motorcycle for minutes and pay only for the time you use it … (a real motosharing!). And as easy as doing it from an app.


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That Cooltra is an innovative company, proven. Maintains the spirit of a StartUp … with more than 150 employees! If you add to that passion and commitment, you already have everything to eat the world. The Cooltra team perfectly knows the company’s approach: “we want to offer sustainable mobility solutions, and cleaner cities for everyone” is more, Captain Planet would be your superhero “for having convinced with intelligent puns and during times to young environmentalists .

In the personnel selection processes the curriculum is not the most important. The human profile of the candidate person has a lot of weight, and their ability to adapt to the team. A new employee is a piece that has to fit into a large gear that rolls at a very good pace.

Working hours feel much better if the environment is good. And here it is. A good example is the frequent informal breakfasts, or the sessions of tapas and canes afterworks , a great formula to break the ice for which we provide.

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