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Un nuevo trabajo para salvar a la ciudad de los malos

Doris Benitez
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Following the fashion of clowns looking to scare children, now a hero has come to save us: Batman .

In Whitehaven, Cumbria, the incidents related to sinister clowns do not stop happening, which has left many traumatized kids with trouble sleeping. A costume company, Cumbria Superheroes, decided it was time to “give the bad guys a well deserved”. In order to keep the funny ones who go around scaring the children at bay, they have decided to send Batman to protect the streets.

The local BBC has shared on its Facebook page some images of the superhero defending the citizens of Cumbria so that the children are calm again at night.

“Crazy clowns, be careful … Batman is in Whitehaven. In Cumbria Superheroes they have heard that many children have been traumatized by clowns that roam the city, so now Batman is patrolling the streets so that children (and children) adults) can relax again. “


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