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Vuelve septiembre: Curso nuevo, vida nueva

Doris Benitez
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September is the new January. Holidays are over for many, and ahead is a long year until next summer. But September retains a summer climate, but without heat waves, and the days are still long. It is also a month full of promises of change. Many people are very optimistic, and new challenges are marked. Here we show you the ‘ goals ‘ that you can ask yourself to propose a good job search routine.

Eat well

During the holidays our body can earn a few kilos, because of the little canes and the caps that we take in summer (because of him, not ours). You have to get to work right away, and the first thing is to eat better. Salads, fish, legumes, and everything to suit you. In addition, eating well will make you have the energy to be as efficient as possible when applying to our offers. So rest from the job search, make a break to eat. And to continue with the search!

Go to the gym

Anyone who does not have enough to eat healthy and ambitions a sculptural body likes to go to the gym. Also to those who do not do that of eating healthy and prefer to devote themselves to sports and to go on a diet. It is also super easy to combine it with the job search. At each break you apply to one of our offers, and time will fly by. In September the gyms are just as full as the subway at rush hour. Months later they end up being a quiet and quiet place. In order not to fall into failure, it is best to be realistic and set affordable goals.


A healthy mind in a healthy body . The cusp of the healthy. Complementing the gym and food with mental exercise is recommended. Experts recommend reading a book per week, and if you also do the crossword puzzles of the newspaper better than better. It is also recommended to read the news already in passing, and of course, the blog of Job Today.

Watch quality movies

The alternative to read. A more affordable way to cultivate. Seeing great classics like “The Godfather”, “Citizen Kane”, or the works of Billy Wilder is often the goal of many. Then when you turn on the TV you run into “El Hormiguero” or “Survivientes” and we have annoyed you.


You always have to continue training in one way or another. Taking advantage of the flexibility that makes it easier to find work and expand the curriculum is the best thing you can do. Besides money is not a problem. There are a large number of courses offered by universities of the highest prestige such as Harvard . Here is a list so you don’t start from scratch.

Better plan the work

In view of a new work course, it is time to try to be more efficient . Not leaving everything for the last minute or keeping an organized agenda, are aspects in which almost everyone has room for improvement, but not many take it forward. Maintaining a strong work discipline is simple for a couple of weeks, but to keep it all year long you have to be a champion. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!