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    Elaine G.Camden, LondonOnline 4 minutes ago

    5 yrs of experience as Information TechnologyEngenho Informatic, ATHROL Transports LTDA

    I am seriously ,honest and hard work

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    Kaique C.WC2, London, England, United KingdomOnline 44 minutes ago

    3 yrs of experience as Information TechnologySimcred

    Dedicated as Supervisor Leader with 5 years of experience motivating many people and teams to be sucefull in goals. Continually achieving to targets and deadlines through strategic planning, people management and inspiring leadership.

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    Roshan R.Shepherds Bush, London, England, United KingdomOnline 4 hours ago

    4 yrs of experience as Information TechnologyRepocorp, Eydean

    Responsible and self-motivated person who is looking for a job in the hospitality field. Previous work experience in customer service and at a fast-food restaurant. Excellent team worker who is professional and physically active.

  • Candidate avatar
    Valerie M.WC1, London, England, United KingdomOnline 12 hours ago

    1 yrs of experience as Information TechnologyInformation Lab

    I’m highly motivated and love learning new skills. I have a passion for customer service, and can I work very well in teams, as well as independently, which allowed me to be a successful team leader.

  • Candidate avatar
    Pranesh K.Bethnal Green, LondonOnline 1 day ago

    2 yrs of experience as Information TechnologyBinary Semantics

    I have worked in restaurants, bars, cloakroom, service assistant, events, marketing, operations, sales associate and store staff.

  • Candidate avatar
    Sofia S.Mill Hill, London, England, United KingdomOnline 3 days ago

    2 yrs of experience as Information TechnologyLondon Web Ltd

    Always deliver top-level customer service keeping clients at the core of any service I provide. Great at picking up skills and learning quickly; open to new learning and experience opportunities, respectful and attentive.

  • Candidate avatar
    Kevin F.Westminster, Londres, Inglaterra, Reino UnidoOnline 3 days ago

    3 yrs of experience as Information TechnologyFreelance

    I dominate aspects such as administration, inventory management, internal control, goal achievement indicators, sales rates, process capacity, Customer Support

  • Candidate avatar
    Akhil J.Stratford, London, England, United KingdomOnline 3 days ago

    2 yrs of experience as Information TechnologyAlphaExpression pvt ltd

    I am friendly and cum person .I like to serve food .I give good effort to my job

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