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Accelerate your hiring process with Job Today's cutting-edge recruitment platform. Designed for businesses of all sizes, our comprehensive suite of products streamlines the recruitment process, making it faster and more efficient. Whether you're a local business, a staffing agency, or a multinational corporation, our platform is the perfect solution for quickly hiring the right talent for your needs.


Why Job Today is the #1 talent acquisition software solution?

Job Today is more than just a traditional recruitment website (job board); it offers a quick and elegant solution for businesses to hire employees at scale, quickly and efficiently.

With our innovative approach, you can easily post job listings, search for qualified candidates, chat with them directly and streamline the hiring process. Whether you're a local business or a large corporation, Job Today's smart recruitment system is designed to meet your needs.

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    Access to a Pool of 10 Million Local Candidates
    Find the perfect candidate for your business quickly and easily among our extensive pool of local talent.
    Access to a Pool of 10 Million Local Candidates
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    Streamline Hiring with Automation:
    Improve efficiency and save time with our recruitment automation tools.
    Streamline Hiring with Automation:
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    Hire on the Go with Our Award-Winning Mobile App
    No matter where you are, you can easily access top talent and chat with candidates immediately.
    Hire on the Go with Our Award-Winning Mobile App
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    Control Your Hiring Across Your Organisation
    Connect and manage multiple linked accounts to easily coordinate and control your hiring across your entire organisation.
    Control Your Hiring Across Your Organisation
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Recruitment automation: pre-screening candidates for interview, shortlisting applicants and more...

Job Today provides you with the automation and tools to optimise your HR screening process. From job applicants shortlisting to AI-driven recommendations, Job Today has it all:

  1. 1Automatic shortlisting and rejecting candidates
  2. 2Recruitment screening questions for interview
  3. 3Real-time automated replies
  4. 4Manage candidates in bulk
  5. 5AI-driven recommendations
  6. 6Advanced filtering

Corporate HR recruitment services tailored to your needs

Corporate clients can enjoy advanced hiring tools. Forget about online recruitment agencies and try our online software solution on your own terms. Enjoy flexibility, speed, personal attention from your dedicated account manager, and full control over your hiring process.

  1. 1Multiple linked accounts
  2. 2Unlimited number of team members
  3. 3Recruitment automation features
  4. 4Dashboards to track recruiting performance
  5. 5Dedicated account manager
  6. 6Customizable plans & solutions
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Unlock fast hiring with the award-winning mobile app

Instant messaging. In-app video interviews. Hire on the go. All in one app.

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Say farewell to paying for each job placement

Unlike traditional job boards, Job Today offers a flexible subscription model. Post an unlimited number of job openings and only use credits to contact the candidates you're interested in.

Our software solution gives you greater control over your recruitment process, without the added costs associated with traditional job boards.

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