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Post a Host & Hostess job for free

Post a Host & Hostess job for free

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Shortlist & chat

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Candidate search

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JOB TODAY is so easy to use, I can't believe how simple it is to hire staff.

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Greene King

Easy to use, great on mobile and works well for my needs

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It's quick and lowers the barriers to human interaction. Incredible platform.

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Attract quality job seekers with engaging job postings and hire today

You don't need to be a Host & Hostess recruiter to hire workers on Job Today. With our staffing solutions, you can take control of your hiring process and find staff yourself. Click the "Post a job" button now to begin your search for top talent.

Finding Qualified Candidates for Host & Hostess Staffing on Job Today Platform

Detailed Description of Hiring Host & Hostess Staff on the Job Today Platform

The job of host & hostess in the restaurant business is incredibly responsible because they are the first representatives of the restaurant that customers meet upon entering. Therefore, when looking for host & hostess near me, hire real professionals who will strengthen your business.
The Job Today platform offers you to hire host & hostess staff without recruitment agencies, establishing direct contacts with applicants and scheduling interviews for them. To find host & hostess workers for a party or for permanent full-time or part-time work in your company using Job Today, you need to take just a few steps:
  • Create a Business account for your company on the Job Today platform absolutely free.
  • Publish an ad for hiring host & hostess employees indicating the experience and skills needed to perform their functional duties.
  • Collect submitted resumes from host & hostess candidates and invite the best of them for an interview.

The right staff for your business can be formed very quickly on the Job Today platform due to the abundance of professional workforce with experience in the restaurant business. Those applicants who registered on the platform because they wanted to work as a host & hostess will respond to your invitation, and you can hire the best employees using Job Today in a matter of minutes.

Try the Most Effective Host & Hostess Recruitment Strategies on the Job Today Platform

Host & hostess recruitment can be accelerated by using the automation of searching for candidates with the necessary experience and skills offered by Job Today:
  • To do this, you can set many filters to narrow your search among applicants' resumes.
  • You can also use a suitable template to communicate with candidates or reject those who do not meet your business requirements for this job.
  • Use AI recommendations to recruit for host/hostess only the best professionals. After shortlisting applicants, you can get their contact information from Job Today for a small fee.

The process of pre-screening candidates for interviews and recruiting host & hostess employees with the help of Job Today is very easy because you will be able to communicate with applicants directly through chat and find out details about their experience and personality.

Find the Right Staff on Job Today Without Mediation of Host & Hostess Agency

An effective process of employment of hospitality workers is possible without a host & hostess recruitment agency thanks to the advanced staff search algorithm from Job Today. The host & hostess staffing agency charges a fee even when hiring a hospitality professional for an individual event or temporary job. Therefore, a host & hostess recruiting agency makes hiring workers in the restaurant business more expensive. Moreover, host & hostess recruiters are limited to the recruiting companies database. In contrast, more than 4 thousand new applicants are registered daily on the Job Today platform. They prefer to offer their services without the mediation of recruiting firms. Job Today gives you the right to select the best applicants, get their contacts, and negotiate salary, duties, and other hiring details directly on the platform. It is very convenient and cost-effective.

Improve Your Host & Hostess Staffing Process with Job Today Web & App Hiring Solution

The right software plays a very significant role in the process of selecting candidates for host & hostess jobs and their further recruitment. If you want to hire workers using a perfect tool with advanced features, use the Job Today host & hostess hiring software solution. It allows you to automate the process of searching and selecting an applicant and onboard talented staff as quickly as possible.
Host & hostess recruitment software from Job Today is absolutely free for both employees and employers and works flawlessly with any OS. You can also install the host & hostess recruitment app on your or your HR device so that you can recruit the best professionals in any situation when you need them.
The Job Today platform provides an invaluable service for optimizing the management process of finding and hiring hospitality employees. Thanks to its advanced software solution and low price for its services, hiring new hosts & hostesses becomes very fast, easy, and cheap. Integrate Job Today services into your workflow, and what previously seemed like a challenging task will become as simple and effective as possible.