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Why choose Job Today for your Retail staffing needs?

Post a Retail job for free

Post a Retail job for free

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Shortlist & chat

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Candidate search

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JOB TODAY is so easy to use, I can't believe how simple it is to hire staff.

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Greene King

Easy to use, great on mobile and works well for my needs

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It's quick and lowers the barriers to human interaction. Incredible platform.

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Attract quality job seekers with engaging job postings and hire today

You don't need to be a Retail recruiter to hire workers on Job Today. With our staffing solutions, you can take control of your hiring process and find staff yourself. Click the "Post a job" button now to begin your search for top talent.

About Hiring retail staff with Job Today

Retailing covers a huge sector of the global economy. The production of goods is an extremely important job, but their distribution is no less necessary. Hiring qualified employees is critical to the success of your retail personal business. Job Today is one of the few job posting platforms where you can find resumes of truly experienced retailers ready to join your team today.
You can use one of two methods to hire retail staff needed, but it is better to combine them. The first way is to search among professional retail candidates. This is convenient since the pages of applicants contain all the data of interest to the employer. The second way to find retail workers a company requires is to create a vacancy and post it on Job Today. We offer basic and advanced tools to help make your offer more visible and attractive to job seekers. Professional hiring retail employees just got easier with a simple website and user-friendly Job Today app.

Streamline your hiring process: Best retail recruitment strategies on Job Today

Retail recruitment automation is not an easy activity. The job market is saturated, but only a few workers can really make your firm stronger. Job Today makes your hiring process much easier. A huge number of people with experience of 5 years or more are registered on our site. What is the best strategy for recruiting retail employees and shortlisting applicants? We suggest several steps:
  • Decide on the criteria. Inviting everyone to interview is not the best solution. Define clear parameters and details by which you will reject resumes.
  • Use the convenient filters on the Job Today website. Thus, you will be able to select only the most suitable profiles.
  • Make a shortlist and send them a message. You can do it right on our website.
  • Conduct interviews and choose the best!

Pre-screening candidates for interview to recruit for retail can be tricky, but the effort is sure to pay off. We are here to help your team develop and grow!

With Job Today you don't need staffing agencies to find the right retail staff

Previously, the process of finding employees was long and complicated. The employer contacted the retail staffing agency or recruiting firms and hoped that the intermediary would find suitable workers. In the digital age, with Job Today you can connect directly with potential employees. Permanent and temporary retail recruiters of your company can easily register on our website and create all the necessary vacancies. A retail recruitment agency and recruiting companies are no longer a necessary link. Direct communication between the applicant and the employer brings the best result.
By interacting with job seekers directly through the chat function on the platform, you can get to know them better and assess their professionalism even before the interview stage. This approach is also good because it represents the employer as a person who is open to communication. This allows you to start building a strong bond between the business and potential retail staff. It also encourages transparent discussion of job expectations and saves time by reducing the number of ineffective interviews. So, with Job Today, you don't need a retail recruiting agency staff anymore!

Benefits of using Job Today web & app hiring software solutions for retail companies

Job Today is one of the top players in the recruitment market. The company offers a number of benefits that make it a great ally for retailers. Our retail recruitment software is convenient for both employers and applicants. The intuitive interface of the retail recruitment app makes it easy to find vacancies and resumes, discard inappropriate job seekers, and reach the best.
Another advantage of our job posting platform is that each job seeker’s profile contains a photo, wage expectations, and the most detailed information. You can carefully examine candidates' resumes before contacting them. This makes your work systematic and efficient.
The obvious convenience of a mobile application, which, by the way, not all hiring platforms have, is that it is always in your pocket. Entrepreneurs and managers often move around a lot and do their jobs literally on the go. With Job Today’s retail hiring software solution you can get in touch with retail candidates wherever you are.
You don't have to pay a cent to start hiring with Job Today services. Join the team of thousands of employers who have already found their dream workers and grow your business with Job Today!