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Interview Tips for University Students

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Have an interview lined up but got no clue how to prepare for it as you’re still studying? 

Don’t worry,  stay with us ☺️ and you will  through your interview smoothly by following our top interview tips.

    1. Save Your Interviewer’s Contact Info

Save your interviewer’s phone number and email address on your(and make sure its fully charged!) 

Anything can happen: heavy traffic, a final exam or your teacher wants to discuss something with you. In case you’re running late, you can contact your interviewer to let them know that you’re on the way.

    2. Take Out Your Headphones 

Okay, we understand you want to listen to your favourite song 🎵 for good luck – just don’t forget to take them out before you walk in to your interview.

Crank up the volume 🎶 after you finish your interview!

    3. Plan Your Trip Early ⏰

If you have your interview on the same day as your classes, then speak to your professor in advance and ask to leave the class a few minutes early.

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You want to reach your interview on time!

Also, let your hiring manager know that you’re going to be coming straight from your school. 🏫 They will definitely appreciate your punctuality! 

    4. Put Your Phone on Silent Mode

You got this in the bag! Still, let nothing come between you and your interview – put your phone on silent and stick that in the bag too!

    5. Go Alone to Your Interview

Hey, we totally support you 💖💖💖 – that’s what we are here for. But as your friend, we advise you to go to your interview alone. Why crowd the reception area by taking your parents, partner or other friends along?

Let all the attention be on you !

    6. Eat Before Your Interview 

Avoid going on an empty stomach to your interview and popping open a bag of chips. You won’t be able to answer the interviewer’s questions properly if you’re busy crunching chips.

Pssst, nor do you want your stomach to growl during your meeting!

    7. Clarify Your Availability

Here’s a great idea: take a copy of your class schedule to your interview so you can see when you’re available to work. Evenings? Weekends?

Your potential employer knows you’re a busy person and having that schedule on hand will let them  know that you’re organised and willing to work.

Be your charming self and let your personality shine 🌟🌟🌟 through! Follow the above tips and avoid having a bad interview.

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